Take care of your feet in 5 steps

take care of your feet

It's important to take care of your feet all year round and even more when the summer season comes. For this, we have prepared the 5 steps to follow to have beautiful feet this summer.

Let your feet air dry

After showering, we tend to lock our feet in without giving them time to dry. However, it is essential to dry your feet properly after each contact with water, in order to avoid fungus formation. Indeed, humidity and heat favor the proliferation of bacteria.

Do foot baths

Relax once a month by immersing your feet for 10 to 15 minutes in hot water, adding the essential oils of your choice. Your feet will be well cleaned and your skin will be soft and supple. After having dried them well, all you have to do is apply a balm or moisturizer, and voila !

Take care of your feet with regular care

do regular foot care

It is important to take care of our feet daily in order to prevent infections, traumas, wounds, deformities or even nail incarnations. For this, regular hydration and a maintenance of your dead skin, horns and length of nails can avoid the appearance of discomfort.

Protect yourself from the sun

Don't forget your feet this summer. The feet are often the place of the body that we leave out when it comes to putting on sunscreen. However, it is important not to forget this area because it can lead to sunburn and skin problems.

Avoid flip flops

For this summer, choose shoes that have support for the back of the foot. Opt for sandals with a strap that holds the heel, for example. If your ankle is supported, then you can avoid or reduce the onset of pain in the pelvis and neck. If you are attached to flip flops for the summer, then you will have to vary your shoes. Indeed, to limit tensions, it is preferable to not wearing the same shoes every day.

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