Hallux valgus, how to prevent it?

hallux valgus how to protect yourself from it

Berni Mev, the shape memory shoe brand, certifies vegan products that combine comfort and style. Each new model is developed keeping in mind the development of new and ever more EVA soles. light and comfortable.

Today, many people are affected by orthopedic problems. In particular by the Morton syndrome affecting severe pain under the foot when walking, the same for that of metatarsalgia which leads to pain in the ankle and that of claw toe pathology. L'Hallux valgus is the most widespread foot problem, it handicaps the daily life of many people.

What is a hallux valgus?

Hallux valgus, or “bunion” in the foot, is an abnormal outward deviation of the big toe. The bone called the “first metatarsal” moves away from the big toe, towards the inside of the foot and the joint between the metatarsal and the first joint of the big toe becomes very prominent, forming a bump on the inside edge of the big toe. the forefoot, hence the name “onion”. This deviation of the big toe therefore leads to a deformation of the forefoot and, consequently, difficulty in putting on shoes.

It is favored by a number of factors, such as genetics, age, or wearing unsuitable shoes like high heels or narrow-toed shoes. Therefore, a shoe with a too narrow toe will increase the angle between the ankle and the first phalanx and thus cause a hallux valgus.

This is often very painful when the deformation becomes significant.

How to relieve a hallux valgus?

There are several natural treatments and solutions to perform against a hallux valgus. little ones strengthening exercises practiced at home can limit the aggravation of hallux valgus. Natural treatments such as warm water baths or essential oils, especially those of wintergreen, can soothe you during inflammatory episodes. In addition, before a possible surgical intervention, it is recommended to wear orthoses that allow to soothe the sensation of contact.

How to prevent hallux valgus?

hallux valgus shoes

Memory foam shoes by Bernie Mev

It is possible to limit the progression of a hallux valgus by choosing the right shoes. For example, Bernie Mev offers a memory foam shoe, allowing it to perfectly fit the shape of the foot. Indeed, its outsole is made with EVA, a shock absorbing material, which provides exceptional comfort and stability. Bernie Mev offers a flexible and lightweight shoe that adapts to all walking movements. Its seamless elastic braiding allows flexibility and avoids compression of the foot, providing the sensation of walking barefoot.

Experience Bernie Mev

More and more of you are giving us feedback on the comfort andefficiency of Bernie Mev shoes via the Trustpilot certified platform:

  • Nadia: “Excellent, comfortable shoes for a long urban walk. It is a very nice discovery”
  • Dominique: “Amazing, it's my 6th pair in 4 years. In addition I recommend them to all diabetics my feet are very comfortable because of the comfort of the material and the idea of braiding thank you again”
  • Anna: “I love these shoes! Vegan, ultra-comfortable, and really nice looking. I don't wear for anything else”
  • Chantal: “I discovered Bernie and since I've come back to life, my feet never hurt again, because I have big problems. Since then it's been great. And in addition there are so many choices, top fashionable colors. So great. I recommend this brand”

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  • Waz Michele

    I only wear this brand. I have 7 pairs, all original in shape and color. My very deformed feet find a new youth, and I can finally walk with pleasure

    • berniemev

      Hello Michele,

      Thank you for being one of our customers and for taking the time to share your experience with Bernie Mev products.

      Bernie Mev

  • Anna

    Hello, what a disappointment after spotting your ballet flats on someone's feet at the supermarket to not be able to benefit from them: I wear a size 42… I nevertheless believed it when I looked on the net and saw that it was an American brand!
    In my youth, it was in the US that it was easy to wear shoes as a '42 woman'.
    If the message could go up: we are many, I am not such a rare copy.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Bernie Mev

      Hello Anna,

      Thank you for your interest in Bernie Mev. We are sorry that you cannot wear our shoes because of this size which we do not have. Know that we take note of your interest in our products and will not fail to alert you if we were to offer a larger size.

      Good for you,
      Bernie Mev


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